United In Griefunited In Grief

United in grief


After the recent horrendous and unbelievable tragedy in the city of Georgia, where 33 people were killed by a fellow student, the American Nation is now in mourning; and thousands of people are now united, united in grief, to mourn and to remember loss loved ones, with lighting candles.

It is always the same, people are united only after a tragedy or disaster for a little while only, soon to go their own separate ways.

I believe that if people were united like this, all the time, in friendship and in love, the world would be a different place to live in, with much less such tragedies, because everyone would know that everyone care and when anyone has problems, he or she will know that there are people who care and who they can turn to, instead of resorting to some desperate and despairing acts.

So, world, let us today unite, not in grief, only for a while, but permanently, in friendship and in love, offering our help and our support to anyone else in our world.


It is the only way to live, the only way we are ever going to get that wonderful world that Louis Armstrong sings.

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We can create our own world, our own better world, the perfect world.


France Chorley

Gabrielfc Gabrielfc
66-70, M
Jun 17, 2007