Everyone, Lets Be Silent

I don't know how to explain it exactly. I can feel it, but language does not exist to reveal it to you. People say things "need" to be done. Now why is that? What makes you think anything needs to be done. If you exist, that is all you need to do. There is no standards at the base of existance. The crowd, or the "Society" as you like to call it is the one that is setting standards. Life bares no standards, life mearly is. Yet we are told what we should do day after day. I have heard all the explanations why, and all of them are foolish. The bottom line is the individual is completely unable to take action based solely on his or her own desires. They will always be influenced by the crowd. People accept these standards so blindly, yet each one of you believe you are a unique individual. You all keep the same schedule. You work, you make money "ooo monnnneeyyy"', you pay your dreaded bills, pop out more kids like a blind virus acting on instinct, to struggle for a survival in which there is no point to in the first place. And then you expect others to do, and actually enjoy the same. This is insanity. These "needs", these "standards" keep me in a constant state of panic and distress. I need to escape from this so badly, yet there is no way out. How do I look? Do you like my car? How about my new sneakers? Shut the F up. All of those things are completly WORTHLESS and UNNECESSARY. The desire of those things have turned people into workforce drones. Literly daily functioning robots that insinst they have the power of choice. Surely there is nothing more absurd in the entire universe. There are some, although probably very few like me who are suffering because of this, and the scariest part is that no one is even here to listen to me. No one will even have a conversation with me. As soon as I mention how painful this place is everyone is like woah woah, forbidden topic, Im outta here. Slaves. Drones. Mindless Consumers. Celebrity crazed, egotistical, vain, beligerent, and morally corrupt species you will hear me now. This "system" has ruined my life. I have no hope to ever function in it. So I sit, paralyzed in my mothers house, while you people call me a worthless bum, or whatever other slanderous terms you could use to dish out for me. Standards make people feel alienated. There are no rules for life. Only the ones we are taught when our innocent minds are broken by out parents, school teachers, and any other authority figures which are trying to shatter us to rebuild us the way they see fit. Every word you speak is insane. And I can feel it in my bones. It makes me sick to my stomach, and it drains the very life out of my body. I know none of you will ever change, heck you don't even think you need to. But I figured since I always listened to you, that you could listen to me for a while. So good luck with your accumulation of material things. I am going to lock myself in my room for now, while I can. When I can no longer, I will probably go deep in the woods and die in some other wortless fashion. Do I smell ok? Do I work enough to be a real man? Your not even a real grown up. Can I even support a family? Why on earth would I want to do that. I am not evil enough to cause that kind of pain to another. Sick and depraved society, and world at that. Im out.
22-25, M
1 Response Jun 5, 2010

Ok little guy; take a deep breath and switch to decaf. . . Ok there, , don’t you feel better??? <br />
Of course not; because your concerns ARE valid! <br />
<br />
You see something that others do not. And because others who are in control don’t see or understand your concerns, they are blindly driving the vehicle that we all ride in, (our civilization), over a steep cliff. Take a deep breath and PLEASE learn to express your concerns, package them in a way that others will understand and start a search of their own. There is a very good chance that you will have to participate in the present societal monetary system to survive as you learn to package your concerns in a presentable way. <br />
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Don’t worry about becoming “infected” by the thought patterns of those you see as drones. Someone who sees what you do and feels as strongly about it, will weave in and out of experiencing the thoughts, feelings, and concerns of others; but that will only give you compassion and empathy for others. As you grow you will think and feel differently through the years; but you will always return basically to who you are except your vision will be bigger; will expand and change to show perspective from different angles. <br />
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For some reason, you see something that seems invisible to others. But you are going to have to trust me when I say that, “you are only seeing a small part of what is.” There is so much more that you will continue to experience as you get older. And yes! Please choose to get older, when you start seeing and experiencing more of the bigger picture, you will see that life is DEFINATLY worth living.<br />
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Your short life of 25 yrs has not been ruined unless you let it be. I have searched many years for answers to questions of life, existence, all the typical questions of relevancy. I have found some of the same answers that are available to all who diligently search and would gladly share them with you if I could. That is what is so hard, to get each individual to start their own private search within; because that is the only way you can own your own answers. You are so right when you say, “I can feel it, but language does not exist to reveal it to you“. I couldn’t have said it better. . . nwm. . .