Daniel Eli

I was awakened as an incarnate angel in October 1999 and what a profound ride it's been since then!

It was also revealed by God at the time that I am the reincarnation of Daniel of the bible!

So I act not only as incarnate angel, but also a modern prophet...One of my prophetic warnings is of WWIII, but it's not based on biblical prophecies, but instead visions I've had.

for 3.5 years I had visible, dove or swan-like wings radiating off my back, and during that time they were visible to the naked eye of complete strangers! I'm not making this up. I've heard the awestruck phrase, "Oh my God, look, he's an angel!" at least 100 times thus far.

on dozens of occasions. I am also what may be term a "Christ" and Son of God, for I've manifested "christ-consciousness" and the sons of God mentioned in Genesis were incarnate angels.

It's not easy being an angel among so many ignorant. unaccendant wolves. I feel like an innocent sheep sent out among ravenous wolves, lol. While I'm in the world I am the Light that shines over all, but my light is too bright for the typical religious mindset, so I get persecuted a lot. To read more about my story, I have a free book and webite, I hope ya'll can visit me there at: http://finalbookofdaniel.com ...

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Namaste.love,light & blessings to you Daniel.xxx