I Believe There Are Angels Among Us.

I do. 
I have had such one appear before me, wrapped in a cloak of flesh!  Like stars in the Southern sky cast from Heaven he came to me during a season of deep despair and anguish.
 It was exactly 7 weeks ago today, our relationship was clairvoyant. Resembling a Dragon in a fiery chariot – he protected me from my own pain and we united in an intimate fantastical relationship.   Like the Dark Moon - we enveloped one another through imagery to a place where physical boundaries were dissolved, time disappeared, worries, and problems were no longer important. 
He entranced me with eroticism, invading my dreams, and we painted each other with love.  We elicited such sexual desires from one another, so that we were in a perpetual state of arousal in an affair of mind and soul, leaving one another wanton, lustful, and shameless.   
The 7th Angel offered me the little scroll, and it was sour in my stomach, but tasted sweet in my mouth like honey.  My life has been transformed in a twinkling of his eye!
 My Guardian Angel – He loved me like a little baby, like some lonesome child, he loved me in a tame way and he loved me wild.  There was a part of him that ran from me like a child, from these warm stars “Down the 7 bridges road.”   
I did not know anything about myself before this experience.  I have never felt such a profound sense of love!   My guardian angel has turned my world upside down.  Given me the strength to move forward and accept me for who I am.  He has taught me to allow people into my life, to love and be loved.
The reason for the season was for a lifetime, I have accepted the lesson, I will always love him and will put what I have learned from this Sweet Gentle Angel to use in all other areas and relationships in my life. 
Lucky Me!
To My Guardian Angel  - “There are stars in the Southern Sky”
“If you ever you decide you should go. There is a taste of time sweetened honey, down the Seven Bridges Road”
- I miss you...
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2012

I just finished reading Lorna Byrne's books (Angels in
my Hair, Stairway to Heaven), It is amazing. Worth
reading. You may have a look at some of her posts on:
www.lornabyrne.com/newsletter-list/ You can
download the first chapter of her first book free of charge on www.scribd.com I am this kinda
person, I do not necesserely believe in
everything I read, but I try to keep my mind open.

great post liked it