Dad Was That Really You?

I was all prepared for surgery lying in the theatre all doctors around me. One came up to me and asked if I was ready for the surgery on my left wrist I said yes. She put the gas mask on to send me to sleep so they could start. First time having surgery I was scared so much and just wanted my mum outside in the waiting room to rush in and say it's okay I'm here. Just before I fell asleep. I felt a hand on my right foot and looked down thinking the doctors where going to tell me something else. But to my surprise my dad who passed away 17 yrs ago was standing there smiling at me and said everything okay. I will be here all the way through. I felt calm suddenly and awoke later feeling like I had been banged over the head.

Later as mum helped me get dressed to go home which the massive bandage on my arm I told her and she just smiled. Even to this day I believe because dad knew mum could not stand in with me due to the surgery he would instead and watch over me.
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Wow, beautiful.

You are never alone, and nevernwill be.
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VERY True . They descend at times of crisis to their loved ones.