An Angel Tapped Me On The Head

One day while I was driving home, something tapped me on the head. My Mother had just passed away about one week or so before this happened.
My Mother's sister in law is a strong Christian. I was still very grief stricken so Phillis, my Mom's sister in law, had invited me over to her house because she said she wanted to pray with me. I arrived there in the early afternoon and we proceeded to hold hands and pray. We finished the prayers and I left for the drive home across town.
As I rounded the last turn up 7th street, about one block or so something very palpable tapped me on the head. I was all by myself, so the first thing I did was look up and then all around...I did not see anything that would have tapped me.
I have had several "supernatural" type experiences...and strangely enough, it has usually been right after somebody has passed away!! My first thought was...was this an angel? or, maybe even my Mother??
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Sep 16, 2012