Story of Wings

My name is Sunie SeventhHeart. I have seen angels since I was born. I talk to them, I touch them, I see them. They have always been a part of my life. So, for me to be woken up at 3:38 in the morning, see them sitting on the end of my bed, and have them want to communicate with me was not unusual at all.

On this night when I asked what it was they wanted, they said to me " We want you to make Angel Wings." I knew from my past experiences it's better to just agree with them right away and figure out how it was going to effect my life later, so I just said, " Okay, what for?" and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "You are going to start a company." and then they waited... quietly, silently, loudly.  "All right, all right, what kind of company" I asked."It will be a company that acknowledges Angels on Earth." "How do we do that?" I thought silently. I have to be honest even at this beginning point the energy and love I felt
 behind what they were about to give me made my heart swell with love. Tears came to my eyes, I would find out later the tears were for a childhood dream coming true. They said: “When someone sees another doing a ‘kindness’ on Earth they will come to our company and order that person a set of Angelic Wings to acknowledge them being an Angel on Earth.
The wings will be soft, white, feathery wings that sparkle.

There will be a card included. It will read:

 A very special Soul has brought to our attention the kindness you do on Earth.

We at Angel Wing Kisses, have been asked to send you our

Angelically Blessed Wings to acknowledge that you are an Earth Angel.

You are the Kindness, the Miracle, and the Inspiration

that touches the hearts of others.

When you sit quietly and hold these wings of light,

you will connect to the breath and love of 10,000 Angels

that are joined with you being an Angel on Earth for so many,

The work you do on Earth is very important.

Thank you.

Now, Sunie ‘all’ the wings are to be sent out anonymously.”

I sat in my room lit up with the light of so many Angels and cried. To be part of something so huge, so loving, so full. The beauty of it took my breath away.

Thus, began my journey to begin ‘Wings’.  Notice they didn’t say ‘your’ company. Right then and there I knew the CEO’s of this company were the Angelic Realm and I was just fulfilling their wishes.  I was being chosen to bring this into physical for the Angelic Realm and I got to work for them.  Could I have imagined a better job? Other than giving recognitions of true Angels, laughter, and heart swelling tears of beauty?

As I examined ‘my’ coming into this dream, there were a few things that I knew right away.
1) This was bigger than me and I would need all the Angelic help I could get. 
2) The Love that would flow each time a set of wings arrived in someone’s hands would bless and awaken the Consciousness of love in the World.
3) There would be the perfect business partner coming to do this with me.
I will try and tell you how it felt when they showed me the business partner coming . It was someone who had a heart that was as big as this project, who knew the importance of the Presence of Love on Earth,
who was very clear in who and what he/she was as far as aligning with their own inner Love, and could see the vision of the Angel’s Dream for Earth.

It was as if my heart and their heart would join as one heart. Together we would hold the Love needed to Bless each wing as it was sent out to bring the touch of a Angel to humans. A touch as gentle and soft as the kiss of a butterfly’s wing. A touch reminding us that there are always Angels among us, loving us, supporting us, inspiring us, also that we are never far from an Angel. They are closer to us than the air that we breath.  I remember thinking, I sure haven’t met this person yet, you guys (my angelic guides) are gonna’ have to bring this one in.

I held onto this dream. I started the process and research to find out all the logistics to make this a reality.  The journey took four years. As I worked with feathers, and printing, and designing I met many people. Some I even asked if they were interested in this project. It was very interesting, as when I talked about it to them, it was as if they couldn’t hear me. The energy was just empty and dead. I would just shake my head and say, "Nope, not the one."

Then one day, as I was still patiently waiting, the business partner they talked about arrived.  When we met we both knew we had found a friendship beyond all others.  Her name was Shawnette and we spoke the same life language.
 She understood immediately the language I was talking when I began speaking of the Angelic Realm. And when I did talk about Angels there was a light that would glow from inside of her.  I kept watching the light glowing from her and each time we had a discussion about angels it would glow brighter. It didn’t take me to long to finally approach the subject with her.  I was a little hesitant as she was a busy mother of three wonderful children, a career woman, and a giver to the people in her world.

The moment I hesitated the Angels hit me in the back of the head and said, “That’s her.”  Well, I ignored them feeling humanly insecure after being so wrong about other people the other times.  Then one day Shawnette and I  were sitting and laughing, and out of my mouth blurted “Do you want to do this project with me?” I had kind of talked about the dream of it before, but this day it came out like a burp. I didn’t say it, the Angels did. She looked at me didn’t blink an eye and said “Yes.”
Whew, the rush of energy I felt from the Universe was like a river being freed from the dam. It’s interesting how you can put one and one together think you  have two...but what you really have is one. 

So that is the story of how Angel Wing Kisses came to be, in all it’s wonderfullness, joy, and love.  We bless each wing before it flies, and are gifted to watch the magic of love in action. Each heart kissed by the gentle brush of an Angel's wing.

P.S. I can remember as a child scruntching up my face and wishing so hard that if people would love each other just a little more, be kinder, and see everyone is really trying hard... the world would be happier.   If only they could see that. This company is fulfilling a dream of a small blonde blue-eyed little girl that wished over and over, really, really hard, she could change the world... and now she is
       " Changing the Angel at a time. "
      along with her Angelic business partner called Shawnette, a full collection of Angelic Beings, and a passion for seeing love inside others. Shawnette and I laughingly call ourselves 'The Twin Presidents of Angel Wing' and we can do that because of how much over-flowing love we have every moment, for the company, our Angels, each other, the presence of our Divine... and all the Angels on Earth that are being acknowledged. We work so well together that it doesn't feel like work.

An Angel Wing Kiss, once a big dream from a very small child and now a beautiful reality because of all the Angels that are...

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I just finished reading Lorna Byrne's books (Angels in
my Hair, Stairway to Heaven), It is amazing. Worth
reading. You may have a look at some of her posts on: You can
download the first chapter of her first book free of
charge on I am this kinda person, I do not necesserely believe in
everything I read, but I try to keep my mind open.

Wowee!!! My friend is starting a God inspired business so I will forward him this link :)

Amazing...blows your mind. Hope I see my angels one day.

Blessings to you and your business xx

I really want to believe my heart is hurting right now and could do with some hugs and comfort.

I believe we are blessed. The good news is every one has angels and they are ready and willing to assist us. All we have to do is ask. What a great universe we live in. The overwhelming peace that saturates me when I am tuned in to the angels feels like home.<br />
Thanks for you comment.<br />
Blessings from an Angel.

your right there are angels all around us i am one or will be ive bin told that the love u give to otherswill reflect on you when u look at god for your q's of love and life i hope that you understand that you are lucky to see thees angels as so ami i