Vandalizing, Fighting, And Scavenger Hunting. Oh...what A Dream!

There's 2 dreams here, but they fit in with one another. So I'm including them both here. The first one was about me. At first, I was in a grocery store, and there was a little boy in the vegetables department. This boy was very annoying, and rude. He was back-talking just about everyone he set eyes on. So I got fed up an threw a green pepper at him. Which made him flip out and start bitching some more. Eventually, I ended up seizing him by the legs, an throwing him out of the store window. Then, I went out of the store with my family, into a makeup store, that was really expensive, and I knew I wouldn't be able to get anything there. So I pulled my hood up, and walked out of the store into a drug store. When I entered the drugstore, I shot immediately to the makeup department. But when I got there, my arm surrounded the makeup pallets and concealers, eyeshadows, etc, and just dragged them off of the shelves onto the floor. But I was bent over like the hunchback of notre damn. And I continued to pull the makeup off of the shelves until all of it was on the floor. With that, I ran out of the store. The next part of the first dream that I remember, was that I was on my school grounds, and since we're doing track&feild in phys. Ed, the dream sort of had to do with that. I was fighting with my mom, on the schoolgrounds. And then, the guy I like, showed up in the dream as well, and proceeded to defend me. With my mom bitching at both of us, he grabbed the rake that is used to take the sandpit for long jump, and smacked my mom over the head. I don't understand this, because my mom normally isn't like this. Anyways, this part happened before the store part. And then, I woke up, realized it was 5:30, and fell back asleep, into my second dream. The first part that I can remember went a little something like this; I was in my house, alone. When somebody tried to break in, it was a whole gang of teenagers my age. And out of nowhere, a whole crew came crashing through my window. The crew was the guy I like, my cousin, who is also my age, I hang around her more than any of my other cousins, and my old best friends, let's name than 1,2,3,&4. That way, you'll know who I'm talking about. And let's name the enemies; -1,-2,-3,-4,-5,-6. So my crew began to fight against their crew, I want to say it was in slow motion, but I don't think it was. Anyways, I jumped out of my already broken window, and my crew followed. We all raced down the train tracks at the back of my house. In real life, I live in a smaller city house, in my dream, I lived in a large house located in the country. So by now, the gang was chasing us, and -1 was chasing me specifically. I did a random backflip, and kicked her in the face. Also, in real life, I don't fight. At all. So she was fighting me back and such. But we kind of gave out after a while, and we started talking. I asked her what school she was from, and she said a school I really hated, so I ran from her, and she caught up with me and we started fighting again. Then I pulled out a list, and read we were going the wrong way, and by now, both the gang and my crew were allies now. No idea how it happened. So we headed back the other way, running do fast, the naked eye wouldn't be able to see us. When we reached this forest; and in the forest, was a group of people I knew, but kind of didn't, because we fell out of touch, or something along those lines. This is when the dream turned quite odd. Scavenger hunt, odd, to be exact. I grabbed a map, and so did -1, I got into my moms car, and we drove to a drug store. Not the same I vandalized in my other dream though. But a different one. So the first item on the scavenger hunt list was a 50ยข coin that Lindsey Lohan obtained here. In other words, I had to steal a rare coin from Lindsey Lohan. And I did, with success! And I needed to put it into a type of paper. So I went into the drugstore, and asked the cashier, "Do you got any...paper, or something?" and she looked left, then right susspiciously, and said "hemp or tobacco?" and I said "NONONONONO! Envolopes! Envolopes!" and she laughed at herself, and grabbed an envolope from under the counter. I dropped the coin In the envolope, and that was that. I really tried to make this as short as possible, and I'm sorry if it was a bit long for you to read, but I'm wondering what this dream could mean?! Any help is appreciated! Thank you so much, in advance!
KrickChick KrickChick
13-15, F
May 16, 2012