Bless As Well Your Good Experiences As Your Bad Experiences!

I have come to this new insight:
'When you have faith in life, you realize that everything happens at the 'right moment',
as well our good experiences as the bad ones, because we're only here on Earth to learn
so we can put ourselves to a higher level of understanding.'

..and I am going to add it in my book Angelic Lights where I write down all my insights that I have gained through all my experiences, as well the good ones as the bad ones.

So, bless all your experiences, as well good as the bad, because there will always be a moment that you will gain a new insight, learn a new lifelesson, that will make you become a better person, and when you pass on your new gained insights to other people, you give a little of your own 'angelic lights' to them!

Life is so beautiful this way!

So, I think that's why it's also so very important that we should keep on thinking positive, bless your tears, fears, pains,.. it will only bring you to a higher level of understanding :)

AngelicLights AngelicLights
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

That's awesome. Ha ha ha! Kicked out of barnes. I miss barnes and noble. (sigh) Yeah, the insight is nice, but the dark isn't. Not everybody gets insights. If you have any, share, Share, SHARE . . .

I got kicked out of barnes and noble last night for putting all the bibles in the fiction section.