And I Detest The Fact That My School Clearly Favors Sports Over Any Type Of Art.

I love art. I love to draw, paint, to sing, to play instruments... The list goes on. But my school doesn't really care for any of that. They love you if you play sports. The choir and band are poorly, if at all, supported and the regular art classes are filled with people who don't truly care for art. I wish things would change, but in this small town, the main thing they care about is football. Most of these athletes won't get anywhere with that, either. With art, theres so much you can do when you graduate.
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I totally agree. Why most schools celebrate mediocrity in sport (because it's hard to get together a whole good team) when art can be celebrated for it's own sake. I'd much rather follow a school orchestra trying to interpret great music than a team playing lame football.

Mhmm. That's how I see it.