Art Is My Life

Personally, i can not live with out art, whether its a oil master piece or even a flower arrangement. i was gifted with some talent and i think i could be popularly if i wanted to but i do it for me and my family. its a very personal thing to me and i sometimes loose many hours indulging myself. there is something about a blank white canvas or even black canvas that inspires me. nothing has been set till that brush hit the canvas, colours spread over with a silky swipe.

i could not live in a house that was white

there is nothing like a painting to bring a feeling to a room or even a story, something to think about, like a book but with no words. its funny because it can have many different story's and feeling from one person to the next. say everything and nothing at the same time !


erinjt erinjt
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Thank you... you're wonderful.

Awww.... thank you so much.

I hear you. I cannot only live without art, but I must also make art.