Entering The Spirit Realm

Iv been trying to enter the spirit realm for a while now. I'm getting closer but it's just hard. Very difficult. Iv never meditated before this but now I am and I'm trying to enter the spirit realm. If anyone is an expert at this and knows to gather energy from around u I'd like to learn how to do this from u. I would highly appreciate this. Thank u.
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Crystals are good help especially azurite and that family of cystals they revolve around malachite, though when you first enter the spirit realm, don't go into any place that you can feel very heavy spiritual pressure, I made that mistake. Because no one ever told me, I become unground and almost didn't make it out in time, when I did get out I was paralized. so I would suggest you don't spend an hour in the maybe 30 minutes at most.

Entheogens are any natural hallucinogenic plant that you can ingest safely that contains DMT as it's active ingredient. Mushrooms are usually the easiest to find since they grow in a variety of climates on almost all continents. Your pineal gland is what processes the DMT and uses it to basically unlock parts of your DNA that are asleep, aka your third eye lol!

Meditate in nature. If that doesn't work you'll probably need an entheogen to catalyze your third eye. Most people's pineal glands have been calcified by poisons over the years and that's why kids are able to see things most people can't. Also, you can't cross over until you're truly ready. It's pretty intense leaving your body and whatnot, most people cannot handle the experience so make sure you know what you're getting into lol!