I Go Every Night.

I go to to the Sprit realm every night. I can call the Spirits of my pack if I need help. But I dream of my mate and I together.... walking. I just recently saved a dragons life. I learned I can travel to other Sprit realms if I focus my energy enough. It takes nearly all my strength to do this. I can also be summoned to the Sprit realm. In the Sprit realm,I can shift in less than a second. It's pure paradise,unless you're stuck saving souls. XD Just kidding. But I learn important information there. Some things startle me,that the elders reveal. But I have to know this. I,along with others,have a gift. I must use this gift wisely. And with great care.
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Can I ask what did you save the dragon from? What was its situation?

She left EP a few months ago, she won't answer your question soon :/

Cool, I can do that to. :) But the spirit realm is extremely dangerous if you live like near a dead zone. o_o

Dead zone?

wow I have the same ability to do that, to go into others spirit realms.

We all do,but for some it's hard to focus their energy.

I can focus my energy pretty easily, since I've been doing it for awhile. almost wasnt able to come back to my body the first time i did it..

Yeah. You can just feel yourself drifting away... I had a terrifying experience the first time I sleep walked.

that must've sucked, idk when i finally got out i was paralized in place for about 10-15 minutes,my dad came in and snap me back, of course he thought i was just asleep or something..

IKR! It's like being sucked into a tornado. :/ I think I stayed paralyzed for 5 minutes during my first time, but it usually is for a longer period of time, since I was frantically trying to wake my brain up.

now that I'm much better at it and in control of my energy, and am more balanced, I can do this anytime, anywhere, and not have to meditate.. though usually when I dont do the meditation to go tosomeone elses spirit realm i have to be looking into their eyes for at least a split second..

*Sigh* I'm still a pup at this...

just keep practicing and don't stay too long, slowly increase the time, and what also helps is to just do regular meditation, just blank out your mind for like half an hour or so or an hour.. either way it really helps, I'm still a pup but well more like 1 years old or year and a half i forgot hehe, my human ages 13 almost 14 in like two weeks

I'm already 14, I'll be 15 in a month and 10 days. 😅

coolz, yah nce i turn2 years I'll go and start my own pack x3

I'm a guardian in my pack, although, I hope to learn more spirit techniques so that I may become a shaman. I met my spirit guides yesterday. 😊

thats cool ^-^ I met my spirit guides a while back, I love healing but I'm really considering starting my own pack, but maybe i could be a shaman for another pack.. I've studied herbs and other remedies for a long time now.

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If you use crystals you don't get the strength and energy sap. It is also less dangerous because they protect you up there. They also have many other good points to using them when going to the Spirit world. I go there too ^^

I've heard of the acratima crystal for us therians. It helps. But it's in the acatama desert,way,Way far from here.

Wow, I have never heard of that crystal! ^^ I only heard that Moqui Marbles are specifically good for shifters.

We'll I've never heard of those! XD

Thank you FreeWolf1. I know azurite but I shall have to get some; it sounds very good!

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can you go to spirit realms? that's cool, I can't do it.

We'll everyone does. I think there's a Spirit realm for each kind. Wolves,dragons,horses,lions,etc. It takes much more of your energy to go to other Spirit realms.

yeah, I ment I can't go to other Spirit Realms, but you can? And I can't do it at will yet...

Oh. I can. Yet. Consider the possibilities of life.