This Universe Has Dimensions My Thoughts

 On the Ed Schultz Show (For the Progressive Party), He had a Survey Question (October Monday 4, 2010) ... "Do You Think That the Progressive's Will Have More Success In The Future" (Something like this Question, but not exactly).

I'm Pessimistic about Hopeful things, because I just realized there is an Evil Wicked Force working against the Good in this Universe.

As I realized this Universe takes to all Dimensions that we experience in Life.  Dark vs. Light, Hot vs. Cold, Black vs. White and other Colors, Matter vs. Anti-Matter and We experience Good and Great Experiences and Bad and Misery Pain and the Bad Experiences. And so for everything having an opposite reaction to everything ... this Dimensional Universe is Part of the Law and Physics it has. Evil and Bad Exist because it is the Opposite of the Good.  And because we are cognitive and conscience living things. I think then by this Law we are Spiritual beings in this Universe. The Matter of the Universe being just Matter and Unconscience and Cognitive is a Universe is too Unstable to just be that way alone and we really do not yet Understand the whole scope of the Universe no matter how far we have come from prehistoric and primitive thinking in the past. There is more to this Universe that can change all of that we are and our such of Intelligence we think we have by now.

Is there a Deity?  I'm thinking there might be, but not in all these Religions this world has made. It's a Deity that manages all of this Universe's Dimensions and it is up to us what part we want of it. That is all that I can think of any such Deity is concerned about.

So meanwhile the way I have chosen my Political views is not all the Dogma and understanding of Politics, but this Universe's Rule ...

Are we Conceited and Selfish with the choosing of being with the Right Wing Conservatives? or Are we concerned about the Fairness of everyone? And going with Liberal, Progressive and Democratic Side?

I believe in Fairness and Respect for everyone and the Good.  But Evil has been trying very hard to Perpetuate itself in disguises and being in with deceptions by having to be in a Trillion Words of thinking Intelligence and lots of words, Confusion and Moralities that ... That is the Right Way and I believe it is the Evil and Wrong Ways.

I could not be optimistic to answer exactly that the Liberals, Progressives and Democrates will have success with our future now. I like to think so and be Hopeful, but that is all.  This world fights too much with an Evil Force and sometimes I worry that this Evil Force will get its way if Good things ends up being the minority.  It that this Universe's Outcome sometimes isn't the amount of Fairness, but what is Popular and what is Popular isn't always what is Good.  That is what is bothering me the most about this Life right now. 

I think about the Good Experiences having to also Experience a lot of the Bad and Deteriorations of our lives and the Opposite of our lives is Death. That means Death has a Victory. If we live on in this Spiritual Realm somehow? Then that is the Victory of Living? Is this our life's Challenge?  I am battling myself with my teeth, weight and other good things with life. Without easy success.

If I have a Choice than of course I want the Victory of Life, not Death.  But also I like to be Understanding of this Universe and Not Ignorant of it.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Oct 6, 2010