Evil Is Out There...

Ia m so afraid of the apocolypse, however you spell it.

I watch this show on TV all the time called The Notrodomus Effect, witch is about the end of the world and how the bible describes it. And how everthing Notrodomus predicted has come true so far. It terrifies me. We are actually at the final  stages before the last steps to hell on earth and yada yada. It makes me so afraid. If you ever read it or watch it on TV its amasing how accurate the predictions for thousands of years ago have happend. He predicted 9-11 but nobody believes. I do. And im afraid. Its closer then we all think. their is evil afoot and it will come and destoy the people who havn't been good in their loves. I wish It wasn't true. And I hope im wrong. I just believe it so much.

KatMarston KatMarston
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5 Responses Dec 7, 2009

I belive in that to cuz its true.....<br />
there is an evil every where we go <br />
it harm only the people who doesnt have afaith if you have afaith you don`t have to be Afraid Ok

Actually your right. We are that only one's here that cares weather or not <br />
God is out there or not. Never thought of that.

nobody can predict the future, did nostrodomus<br />
predict the exact day of 9-11? did he say that<br />
two plane's would crash into the world trade center?<br />
it's like believing in ghost's, ufo's, and god, if you<br />
want it to be true bad enough, you can make it so.<br />
the truth is, everything we know about life and the<br />
universe, has come from the collective mind of man.<br />
no other creature on this planet gives a flying ****<br />
about all the bullshit we come up with. just my 2 cents


I believe true Evil exists. I believe it aims to destroy us.<br />
<br />
I also believe there is Protection from Evil. If you understand wherein that Protection has effect, you are safe. I am safe. Evil cannot do me real harm. It can cause me to suffer. It _does_ cause me to suffer. You likely will suffer as well. But the suffering does me no real or permanent harm.<br />
<br />
I suppose I believe I'm immune. **** happens, and it wants to **** on me, but the **** rolls off.