You Are Not Excused

I don’t like meanness, nastiness and hate, some were brought up knowing nothing else, yet that only explains their behaviour, it does not in any way excuse it.

I have encountered all of these from people in my life, and I have heard, but you know how I was brought up.

Or you know where I came from, you know how I was treated, you know what they were like to me,

The list of these explanations is endless, and I dare say that I have heard most of them.

But they are only explanations, and they do not for a second excuse that behaviour.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

So have I. Most of my life it's been nothing but a maelstrom of negativity and sorrow, but you and I have seen what these kind of people are capable of. We are aware of true evil and we are nothing like them, we are good hearted people and can see the good in others too. Lesson I learned is to never let your past dictate who you are today or who you become, for you'll be a stronger embodiment and surviving impact to others who recognize your strength and perseverance. Those who live without compassion, die without compassion, cold corpses in the end.

We are old souls and empathetic geniuses lion :D

I've ran into a few <:)