There is a documentary on tonight about Josef Fritzl

They have commenced reading his statement - in which he has lined up excuse after excuse - his father was a scounderal, his mother left him with the neighbours as she hid in a war-time bunker and he had sexual fantasies of his mother- but he was strong and able to surpress them (pity didn't do that with his daughter)

There is nothing, justified, in any shape or form for someone to imprison their own child and repeatedly rape them.

Personally, I feel there is no excuse.  People try to justify paedophilia to me a great deal and ******, in order that I do not become some dark unforgiving soul, to me there is no excuse, even if it is within the past of the abuser.  There is many, many people here alone can vouch that their abuse has not lead them to even consider anyting in that regard enacted in the slightest form, even upon their worst enemy.

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9 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Here's my question. How do we find the other Josef's that are out there with people imprisoned in their houses and basements?

I myself have suffererd horrific and violent abuse most my life. I have never even thought about commiting such acts on my worst enemy.

There is NO excuse..<br />
There is no retribution. He not only ruined his daugjter's life, but his gene pool, his g'children, his extended family's life... The man is a monster, and despite that, I'm sure they love him, as they have known nothing else. He was already starting to screw his daughter's daughter by him...<br />
What an absolute whack job... What more can I say, I'm near speechless.

I'd like to cut hard-done-by folks some slack, but even if his father was Hitler, he is so over the top with what he's done, I'd imagine Satan himself is put to shame.

What was the guy thinking? How could her justify doing such cruel things? There can be no acceptable excuse.

I agree; this man is pure evil. There is no excuse for what he did. May God bless and be with the victim.

that man is a monster.i have had a rough life and i would never,ever touch,or imprison my is just an excuse nothing more.there is no justification.people like him are just plain sick,and need to be removed from society.

i believe that it is a major effort to day for for some time to lay blame on everyone else and everything else including society for why individuals commit crimes and other heinous things.<br />
<br />
As Salar1 said this man is evil personified ... and he's had a few kin over the years too!

Josef Fritzl is evil personified .....