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their are people who use anything as an exuese .i had a bad childhood,i was abused.guess what?so were millions of other people!you dont see them going around killing,raping or abusing their families.when i hear them use that as an excuse,my head nearly explodes.they are just plain sorry!and that is all their is to it.yes ,you may have had it bad,but grow up.your not the only one.

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say,is it hard to see the rest of us from up there?

what does it say about you when you are the one personaly attacking everyone?if your mad at me ,fine,don`t be an a**,and take it out on everybody else.i`m sorry if i p** you off,i don`t know what is going on in your life to cause you to think everybody is attacking you,maybe you just needed to lash out.but either way,there is no exuses for what your doing now,get over it.

like i said,whatever floats your bubble,have fun ms.perfection.

I agree many of us have been through a whole h*** of a lot, but most of us keep going on for the most part. It's those who use it as an excuse that makes people mad. I was sexually, verbally, mentally abused, I was raped, but I do not do that to others. I would never think of putting somebody else thru that torture. So, why do some? Maybe, because they haven't excepted things and moved on. They are still angry and use it as an excuse. Nobody is perfect. Not 1 of us on this planet has gone thru the exact same things, yet we expect everybody to act the same way. not everybody is strong. But we can try to help them be strong. We all forget at some point that we have all gone thru our own trials and tribulations. It ticks me off people use it as an excuss but we;ll never change that unless we all become robots.

look,if it makes you happy fine.but you assume way to much.i never said that some people had it worse than me.i have known many through the years that were abused physically,emotionally and even sexually.i was abused physically.but even my other freinds would tell you the same.their is no exuse for doing certain things.if you want to continue with this childish personal attacks fine,do it by yourself.

i guess you know it all i cant spell either so judgemental i am loosing all respect what comes around goes around

Hey, hey, hey. take a break. The problem with abuse no matter how long it was or how short it was or the intensity and except for ritual abuse, the damage that it does is the same. We are left with feeling horrible and PTSD post traumatic stress disorder. Then as we grow up we start to develop the other disorders. Because everyone is different some of us are able to go past it, others may struggle with it all their lives. <br />
You both have valid points. Take it as a miracle that you are still both alive. Some children by 8 are trying to kill themselves from the abuse.<br />
To be able to just function some days is all we can do. Sometimes we have good days. <br />
The meds don't "fix" anything but they can certainly help control the symptoms so that we can function.<br />
<br />
After 30 years of depression and with a new trauma I decided to go on meds plus some counseling. I can have good days now.<br />
The suicidal thoughts don't overwhelm me now that helps me focus on going forward and staying emotionally healthy.<br />
<br />
Be blessed<br />
<br />

what ever floats your bubble since you know soooo much about my life.oh,yes i do know what hell is like,i lived it.and yes,i even tried that so called thearpy"here have a pill"people like you are whats wroung with this country