There Is No Excuse Someone Could Do This To Me.

Ok, well it's a pretty messed up story, ok it's a very messed up story so please bare with me.


My name is Kate, i'm 16 years old and i still go to school, i know you are proberbly thinking a 16 year old cant be in love, and sometimes i think that too. Around October last year i met K, me and him clicked straight away and it was sweet. It wasn't love at first sight it was just easy and fun. He went off to South Africa for a family holiday and i did something really really stupid. On New Years i got drunk which i know is no excuse and kissed another guy at midnight. I felt so bad afterwards i told my boyfriend. We ended up breaking up over it.

A few days before valentines day K and i were texting and we agreed to meet up on valentines day. Meeting up lead to us having sex, it was my first time and halfway through he stopped and said "this is wrong" We talked for a few hours afterwards and i thought that everything was fine, me and him agreed to be friends. Didn't turn out that way, we were arguing, snapping at eachother, about two weeks later i got the shock of my life. I'm pregnant.

Pre ***, who knew. It even bypassed the pill, all the odd's were against getting pregnant yet i still managed too. I told him and he told me to get an abortion, so i did. I payed $130 for three pills which were suppost to kill the baby, i cried for hours afterwards.

Meanwhile K was talking to another girl A, i told him i was happy for him and that she was a nice girl even though it hurt me to say those words, high school crushes who knew. I started to get sick, really sick. I felt weak all the time, i couldn't stop my mood swings and it was crazy. I went to the doctors to find out what twas wrong and i got reshocked by finding out i was still pregnant. Now i know i have a heart condition that means i can not go into any kind of surgery because i have a heart condition.

I also cant give birth due to the same heart condition, it will lead my heart to beat too fast then stop, basicly a heart attack.

So Abortion is off the table now. When i told K that i was still pregnant and that medical abortions dont work because something to do with the baby's immune system he didn't care, he just said "Can you not tell people it's mine, i don't need more **** at school" but i'm a teenage girl so i told a few of my friends so naturally half my school know he knocked someone up.

A few days ago i talked to him open and honest, and i said i liked someone else who i do, P, but i know deep down that K will be in my heart for a long time, no matter how many guys i distract myself with he's there. We got talking more and more and i agreed it would be best if people didn't know it was his kid so he could move on with his life and be happy.

So me and A got talking and we got on to rumors about K, she brought up one she heard about him knocking someone up. I told her that i didn't think it was his child so she would still like him, i know it will make him happy so thats why i did it.

Last night i felt so bad about myself, i realised it was over between me and him and i'm going to try and stay friends with him. He doens't want to know anything about the pregnancy and so i wont tell him, i told him that i was telling people it wasn't his child and he thanked me.

Yeah thats it really.

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Make That Guy Pay, Get A Paternity Test.Go To Court And Get Your Child Support! This Is Not Right And He Looks Like He's Going 2 Keep Doing This 2 Other Females!

He is just as responsible for this child existing as you are. He needs to take responsibility for that. Wanting your friends to still like him is no excuse for causing yourself more pain. Take care of yourself first, whatever that means you need to do.<br />
<br />
I'm sorry you're in this situation.