I believe that morals have gone by the wayside in this world of today. Not many people help one another anymore. People are out for their own benifit in todays society.

In todays society when people hear of a house fire on their street the response is "thank god it wasnt my house". People gather around to watch the fire department put out the fire and then go home and gossip about it. It used to be when people had house fires others would gather to help rebuild their homes or give them a place to sleep for the night. It barely exists anymore. With motels and such noone cares about where they will stay or even if they have the ability to stay somewhere r even if they are able to feed themselves.

People nowadays are fake. They try to act all better than everyone else. Everyone was created equal from birth some are just luckier than others in life. This doesnt make anyone better than another person is. They talk about people they call friends behind their backs to other friends. If your life is that boring you have to create drama to bring excitment to your life then you need to get a life!

Lying, cheating, and stealing are just plain wrong. Cheating has become the norm in society today. Stealng to better your own self, because of just plain lazyness or greed, has become the norm also. Lying to get out of trouble or to better oneself in the eyes of another is just plain wrong! All types of crimes go against morality.

Whatever happened to helping an old lady shovel her walk because she cannot. Helping another motorist stranded on the side of the road or in the ditch. Jumping someones car that wont start. Helping carrying someones grocieries when they are struggling to do so. Reaching that one item on the top shelf when they cannot.

These are just some examples of right from wrong in my eyes and I am sure you can think of many more that are not listed here and some of them you dont believe are right and or wrong. I do believe there is a right from wrong and this has to do with morals which in todays society have gone by the wayside. Morals have escaped us in this world of today. Their are still some of us out there that have morals, but our numbers are dwindling in todays society.
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With people like you writing here on EP, why should I even bother!

Lol. If I may, I would like to add that put simply, no one wants to see another suffer. In a perfect world, every aspect of our lives would revolve around this truth. Where every single being is able to see the world for being more than that of their own benefit.

The ones who don't feel this way have unfortunately been desensitized why society. As well, to be quite frank, we as a species tend to be very easily disillusioned. Now when you add the idiocy of a monetary system, where the only incentive is to increase profit and control, then you're left with a very closed-minded society.

That being said, you and I cannot control the decision other people make. All we can do is continue to exemplify what it means to be a beautiful human being. After all, the only thing we really have absolute control of is ourselves.

While I agree with you for the most part, it is really the youth that this applies to. I still believe and do the things you say. I have taken in someone who needed it, I still help where I can. I see the morals failing just as you do and it saddens me.

A great truth in the world of today. I have tried to help those that needed it. I have even offered a bed to someone in need. Life is to short to worry about things. If everyone helps each other the world would be so much better.

All I can say to that is sister you are so right! It would be a better place.