Abortion Or Not

I'm 25 yrs old I already have a nine year old and a six month old baby. Both by different dads. I'm currently eleven weeks pregnant. Before I became pregnant me and the father talked about me having an abortion. When I found out I was pregnant it wasn't that easy. I tried to reach out for help but either people were for abortion or against abortion. There was no one who would listen to my specific story. Even the father wasn't much of a support. I can't tell my family about this. My family is very judgemental. As much as I don't want to have an abortion I think it would be my best option. Everytime the father is mean to me it makes me want to abort but on the rare occasion we are doing ok I don't want to abort. I find every excuse I can to not have an abortion and I know there just excuses and not reasons. I feel so confused and alone in making this decision. This isn't a little thing here, this is huge and I'm sitting here doing nothing because I don't want to make the wrong choice but then it will be to late to even make a decision.
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Maybe you should not have sex if you can't be responsible for your actions. You are basing your decision on if the father is mean to me or nice to me, what the heck get your tubes tied.

There are a lot of ways of looking at the situation you have gotten yourself into. As you look at your 2 children that have been born, you can remember how each felt inside your womb, and you know that the child in your womb can be like the 2 you have. Based on how you describe the situation, I can tell that you will experience much more sorrow if you choose abortion. Remember, abortion is irreversible. Overall, good decisions take thoughts like that into account.

It is hard for people to address this question without their prejudices coming out, even in the facts we focus on. I am showing my prejudice by asking you to focus on the 2 children you gave birth to. I am also showing it by focusing on the humanity of the unborn. Because I believe you are going through a difficult time, I am not using any strong language or arguments that will be hurtful. It has to be scary to be where you are and to have few people on whom you can truly rely in your life.

I would also encourage you to make better decisions in the future, but you really need someone in your life that can provide non judgemental guidance. You will help yourself a lot by avoiding men who are not what you need for the longer term. Life is challenging. Do your best to make it less challenging for you.