I Don't Believe That There Are Agents Around..

I don't believe that there are agents around or that there actually is a Matrix.

But I believe that you can do a lot of things, you wouldn't even have dreamed of, just by believing in yourself. Probably you need others that convince you to believe in yourself (Trinity, Morpheus in Matrix), but once you believe in yourself, I'm sure you can do more than you ever thought. (Neo in Matrix)

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1 Response Mar 27, 2008

Don't know about agent smith or anything like that, but there are civilian spies around, and the government is spying on people. <br />
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I believe you can do amazing things with the power of the mind. If you go to youtube, you can watch a monkey control a robot with just the power of it's mind. <br />
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Our abilities are limitless that is part of the truth that this world does not want us to see.