Seeking Morpheus

I know it's just a awesome story and film thought up by the genius minds of the Wachowski brothers, but some part of me believes that the Matrix may be real.

It's funny because that movie made so much sense to me when I first watched it. I know it's fake, but part of me hopes it's not. Part of me hopes to find Morpheus one day and get unplugged.

Crazy? Me!? Nah!! But I'll take the red pill please :)

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The Matrix is our life. Its not a computer program designed by machines its how we "set up" our lives. If your around successful happy people it makes your "matrix" a good one. and visa versa. Those "moves" are possible in my opinion. Can I do them? No. Just like anything it takes training. Training we either have not figured out yet or are keeping secret. <br />
<br />
Tell me. If you could fly, and kick people through walls would you show anyone? If you did what happens next? How would the world respond to that info?<br />
<br />

If you want to learn the truth... you must first remember that you already know it.<br />
<br />
I find the following to be of wonderful clarity:<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
(I'm not endorsing the site's products necessarily, just this particular analogy.)<br />
<br />
Mankind has always known it. Always felt it, deep down. Plato talks of the Allegory of the Cave and now Hollywood expresses it as science fiction.<br />
<br />
But there is no doubt.<br />
<br />
The Matrix is real.

Ack! Typical.. Stupid red dress woman. I'm deleting her code once I get out.

Well, you might. He's not easy to find. Google's pretty useless.

Dont worry, you're on my list of people to unplug once I find Morpheus. I just hope they let me fight the machines and dont make me become a programmer =P