After School Tv

I watched everything I could. I'm 43yo so my first memories from TV were of the Pres Nixon and Watergate hearings. I loved to watch Gilligan's Island, Mary Tyler Moore, Lost in Space, Laverne and Shirley, Rockford Files, and Charlie's Angels. Three channels, no remote, no PS3 or Xbox 360, and we were still playing for hours outside. I guess there was not an issue with childhood obesity back then. I'm not saying the TV and the games are linked to obesity....I'm saying the games and TV are the direct cause of obesity and the myriad other health issues stemming from sitting on your a**. Oops, sorry...forgot I was trying for lightheartedness.
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me too

I remember all of those shows too and they were great. Yes, we did play outside. We rode our bikes, played ball, and played in the snow. I'm about 10 years older than you and I can also remember watching the funeral of President Kennedy on TV. What I remember about it was seeing Caroline and John Jr. My mother told me that they were his children and they didn't have a daddy any longer. That was when I learned the meaning of death. That's not too lighthearted is it? But basically, TV in the 60's, and 70's was great. It was wholesome and entertaining.

You must know my wife as she loves Gilligan's Island, I prefer Rockford Files especially when Angel is in the episode