From Childhood To Middle Teens

I'll start with childhood as far back as I can recall, and then work my way to middle teens, where I'll stop. I grew up in the 90s as a child.
When I was up to around age 6 I suppose, I was obsessed with normal child shows at the time: Seaseme Street, Barney, Lamb Chops, Mr. Rogers, the works..
Around 7 - 10, I ended up picking up MOST of everything on the Disney channel (So Weird, 100 Deeds..., Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens), as well as Nickelodeon (All That, Kennan & Kel, RUGRATS!, Hey Arnold, Cat & Dog, Rocko's Modern Life, Wild Thornberrys, That's So Raven)..and probably a half dozen others. My parents also turned me on to the old 60s/70s soap opera Dark Shadows.
In my preteen to mid teens, I started loving a more variety of shows, such as The Nanny, Little House on the Prairie, 7th Heaven, Survivor, and Strong Medicine.

I'm sure I didn't hit all my period favorites, but I think I summed up enough to give an idea.
Unfortunately, since my teen days, my taste in finer television has gone downhill...
cecillia2010 cecillia2010
18-21, F
May 19, 2012