These Are The Ones I Watched....










And last but not least..........

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:') Thanks amyMA

oh heh..never heard i think of adams family

Aha! Thank you Dex. <br />
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Reece *giving you the eye* I think you are wise not to make any "old" cracks hahaha :")<br />
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jobrowne ~ I really liked the Avengers. They don't rerun it on any channel I can get right now but I remember wanting to be Emma Peel!

I'll shut up before I get into trouble........

Emos, darling Sis, are a sub-tribe of Goths. The name derives from "Emotional". They look like your average everyday Goth, but sadly they are more likely to be seriously depressed and possibly into various forms of self-injury and self-abuse.

Hahahaha, I just loved the Addams family!! Golly, I never think about how old I am until I start doing something like remembering old TV shows. lol I know who and what Goths are, but what in the world is an Emo?? Hmmm....I really am old, eh? ;') (hugs)

A few of your favourites never made it to Australia, Sis, but others are still vividly memorable. <br />
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I am *so* glad you included the Addams Family, which would have to be one of my all-time favourites. They pre-dated Goths and Emos by decades, and Morticia and Gomez's relationship is one I have always used as a model for my own... alas, the Morticias I chose infrequently spoke French, and found it off-putting when I stood on my head while smoking cigars. X