Yes I Do.

My marriage ending happened for a reason. I truly believe that.

This is the first time I'm really truly admitting it to myself.

My marriage ending left me questioning so much.

but my marriage ending

truly taught me the importance of a real genuine relationship.

It taught me what was needed in a relationship, and what things I NEEDED out of a relationship.

I now know I will not make the same mistakes. And I now know to pay attention to those warning signs when they appear.

I've learned.

And that is why I believe things always happen for a reason.

Live and learn.
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

Sometimes we change, either cause we are hurting so much or cause we learned the lesson, whichever is your reason, well, yeah everything happens for a reason, and never doubt the will of God, (if you believe in one) he never fails and he always has something for us in our life, just the way to receive it sometimes is not the way we look at it. Life is a journey not a destination =) keep ur head up and ur faith hight, everything else will fall in the right spot