I had a magnificent meditational session; and from a very deep tranquil state came a profound, ecstatic experience that affected all my senses.

This seems like a time of going through a stage of major discernment.

A time to transform own distortions and distress into grace; face the resistance and emotions we keep overlooking; bring it all into our conscious awareness with upfront self-honesty.

We're coming into a chance to examine and clear our inner clutter; confront our lies, resentments, blame and anger. Cease denying the negativity that is stored within and face it so as to heal; become more whole and authentic.

A time to allow growth at soul level, adapt and adjust to some super-duper enlightenment and actions ...that make us feel *good* in a healthy way; feel valued and valuable; feel reconciled and empowered.

A time to bask in appreciation for the lessons Life offers.

Injoy1767 Injoy1767
46-50, F
Aug 19, 2014