They Say Things Happen In 3's, I Hope This Is It For Me For A Long Time...

I've really felt the saying "things happen in 3's" to be very true this year; firstly my son was bullied at school which resulted in us taking him out. It was a heartbreaking experience and very much all consuming.  As we were getting over that, my nephew died completely unexpectedly at 5 weeks old. We were devastated and are still waiting on results from the autopsy. Then two weeks ago my partner was working under a truck and it rolled breaking his left hip & fracturing his spine and pelvis. He was in hospital for quite a while and is now on 6 weeks bedrest as any further damage to his hip will mean a hip replacement. I'm hoping we've now turned a corner with our bad luck but who knows...!
cava2828 cava2828
Jul 19, 2010