Walking Pole And Me

I was diagnosis with polymyositis few months ago. Right before Thanksgiving. Ended up in Emergency. My doctor thought I may have a heart attack because my cpk was elevated 5000. I was sick for a few months not knowing what is wrong except my liver count was high and the doctor thought it was hepatitis. I even had a liver biopsy done. Came out normal except my enzyme count was high. While I was in the hospital I was diagnosis with polymyositis. Before this, I was always active. Ran marathons, zumba, hiking, women kick boxing and volunteer. Right now, mylife is on hold
I have hard time bending, climbing stairs. Sometimes it is hard getting off chair or couch. I walk with a hiking pole, I call my "buddy". I fell once so I use my buddy when I go out. I had a muscle biopsy done and EMG test. I am now seeing a Neurologist and a arthritis doctors and physical therapy twice a week. I am taking predinsone and vitamin D. I am making progress with my walking. Getting up from chair. But climbing stairs is still a challenge.
kronenhe kronenhe
61-65, F
Jan 23, 2013