Loving A Sister 2

As most people who hav read my first story may know im very ticklish and im 14 now and i hav a step sister who is also very ticklish.

This story is about my sister getting revenge on me.

So its beginning of summer a few weeks in maybe 2 and im at my moms house for the week. My sis came up from Virginia ( i live in West Virginia) and i was up in my room on xbox as i am most of the time because im online everyday just about. Well she was coming over the next day so i went to bed around maybe 3 or 2 in the morning and i had my feet sticking out for my sister to tickle (for people who didnt read the first i love being tickled by anyone who isnt a guy)
The next morning i wake up to her lightly sliding her fingers up and down my feet. It really tickled. So i get up and manage to say while giggling. That the best u got? She responded by squeezing my sides and ribs making me squirm and giggle.
After our tickling upstairs i went down got breakfast and went back up stairs to play xbox. Lindsey trailing behind poking my very sensitive ribs. I sit down in my chair and turn on the xbox (left the tv on lolz) i sit down and seeing wats up on the xbox world and all of a sudden. she sits in the chair diagonal to me and tells me to put my feet in her lap. i do and she starts lightly tickling them and playing with my toes ( not most guys do this but i was wearing rainbow toe socks. Im not gay i swear i hav a gf and she thinks its cute. ) i start wiggling my toes and jerkin my feet and i say " hey that tickles cut it out"

Hoped u liked so far ill make another to continue as soon as possible
ticklishboy13 ticklishboy13
18-21, M
Sep 11, 2012