Tickle Tickle!! ;)

I love to tickle people!! I tickle my dads, moms, and little sisters feet!! Sooooo much fun!! After I get out of the bath I run my fingers on my body to tickle myself and I play with my feet running my fingertips up and down my feet tickling myself!! It feels good even if i do go crazy and laughing uncontrollably I love it!! :) Tickle fun Inbox me!! ;) I have special spots that make me giggle sooooo much!! :D
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4 Responses Nov 30, 2012

You can tickle me anytime!

Stop, I can't sit still!

For some reason whenever I tickle my palm I feel happy. I really don't know why.

yes but when you are doing it to yourself it doesnt feel as good as to when someone else is doing it