I Love To Be Tickled By Women

I have a serious tickle fetish! I even tickle my co workers. And when they tickle back it's like heaven. But what I REALLY want is to be tied down and tickled senseless . Any female volunteers??
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36-40, M
1 Response Feb 2, 2013

Sorry, dude, but women only want to tickle guys they're
involved with, and by "involved" I mean FINANCIALLY and
what they consider ROMANTICALLY. You don't find girls
who want anything to do with tickling a guy unless they
got him "on the string" first. Women secretly think the
male body is "gross" and "dirty" and only bother to
tickle it if its under the conditions listed above. If you
really want to be tickled senseless, GET A GUY TO DO IT!
Guys with tickle fetishes are everywhere, and they do
it so good they've practically made a SCIENCE out of it.