Tickle Fight!

Tickle war it was summer day when I was hanging out with a good Freind Carly me and her decided to have a tickle war which I thought I could win I really was never tickled before by a friend other than my my sister and she knew my tickle spots Better than me she could make me beg her to stop in. A matter of seconds! She'd always get my feet and tickle before I could fight back and when she tickled I lost all my strength and I was tortured until I did what she wanted I really didn't think anyone had more ticklish feet than me but Carly sure did! I told her mine were to and we had made rules the first one to say uncle loses than we told one another out ticklish spots ( me lying saying my neck was my worst spot) then we started! I immediately grabbed her soles and tickled her soft heels she squeled and kicked but I pinned her down with my arm and played with her soles for awhile until I felt the very feeling I wish I wouldn't she slipped a finger down my sole to my heel I immediately laughed and lost my grip then she pounced me spun me around sat on my back and had my feet at her mercy I begged and pleaded please no! Her of course realizing I lied said" why I thought they weren't ticklish!" I told her I had lied and that's when she said gonna make me pay she started running her nails up my feet and down them I but my lip and everything but I just couldn't hold my laughter back! I scrunches my toes and kicked but when I did she tickled harder saying if u fight I tickle more! So of course I stopped than she went for my toes and the area under neath them I tried to hide with my toes but she had teased my big toe with her evil nails and I couldn't hold it there any longer and lost my grip revealing the are beneath my toes than she scratched fast in that spot I laughed so hard! And begged and pleaded ! And she could stop than I said it I let it out uncle... Her of course raising her arms in victory that's how my first tickle war went :)
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First tickle war? Lets hear all the others
Great story by the way, wish I was in your shoes in that particular situation.