Embarrassed By Tickling

OK here's one time I was totally embarrassed by being tickled.

It was near Christmas and my oldest sister Gail had gone to the
airport to pick up her ex's parents, (former in-laws), to come
visit their 3 grandchildren.

These children are boys who also happen to be my nephews,
so as usual I waited at my sister's for them to arrive home
from school.

I had laid down on a futon in my sister's "Florida Room", (like
a rec room in other parts of the country), in my shorts and
went off fast asleep. I figured I'd hear my rowdy nephews as
they blew into the house like a tornado and wake up.

But turned out the boys saw my car and decided to sneak up
on me. At the time the oldest, Adam, was 14, Justin was 13
and Mark was 11. They were big, healthy boys and were able
to do most anything they thought up to do.

Well this day they sneaked quietly into the house, hoping to
surprise me, and they sure did! But first I'll give a bit of history
about my darling nephews.

My sister married Alan Reese when she was 19 and was pregnant
with Adam when they got married. A year later Justin came
along, then about 2 years after that Mark was born.

They seemed to get along OK until one day Alan just disappeared,
leaving a note he was going to Singapore with a new girlfriend.
At the time Adam was 4, Justin 3 and Mark 1. I was single and
close to my sister so I became the surrogate Dad.

It was nice for me because, being Gay, I never figured I'd have
kids the usual way. But I love Gail's 3 boys so much! I've been
very skinny all my life so I was more a playmate for the boys,
and we had an absolute blast.

Gail never said what she told the boys about their real Dad,
but it always seemed like my nephews were extra good for me,
like they appreciated me or something. Me I loved them so
much they could do anything with me and I didn't mind.

So they grew up using me for a tackle-dummy, punching bag,
teddy bear and wrestling partner. I was always careful with
them, but they were strong and able to keep up with me, even
when they were 6, 8, and 9.

One thing I did with the boys they loved was I tickled them.
Justin and Mark weren't real ticklish but they still giggled
when I tickled their feet and ribs.

Adam, on the other hand, was born almost as ticklish as me,
so he was a super fun victim of our tickle games. Justin & Mark
I could never make laugh hard enough til they peed, but Adam-
I had to slack off or he'd wet himself in 5 minutes!

Tickling turned into a favorite pastime for the 4 of us, especially
when the boys got bigger and learned they could payback me
and force genuine squealing, howling hysterical laughter from
me, the adult.

By the time the boys were 12, 11 and 9 they could always get
the upper hand over me by combining the weight and strength
of the 3 of them against little old me alone. Like most boys,
pinning me down helpless and making me beg for mercy by
tickle-torturing me became a source of fiendish delight to them.

I confess I had "asked for it" by tickling the boys a lot when they
were little. Thing is there had been only ONE of me, but there
were THREE of them, and now even though the boys were well-
behaved for me they could, anytime they wanted, tickle torture
me til I became a hysterical little boy.

We had a lot of fun with it because we still took turns among
the 4 of us flipping coins to see who was "next" to get tickled,
and Justin especially loved it when the lot fell on me or Adam.

I noticed he had a kinky sadistic side to him that could be more
than just playful, and when me or Adam ended up as victim,
Justin turned into a maniac, urging Mark to "keep tickling!" no
matter how the poor "ticklee" was suffering. It was like our
panicked, desperate laughter seemed to make Justin "high".

Anyhow forward 2 more years to the day the boys sneaked up
and caught me napping on the futon:

I was so zonked out asleep I didn't hear the boys pad into the
room barefoot. I didn't even realize they had got out our ropes
we played with and tied my wrists and ankles to both ends of
the futon.

I only woke up with a yell when Justin stroked his fingernail up
the sole of my bare foot. "YEEEEEOWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
I screamed. "WHAT?" Then I saw 3 grinning faces and knew I
was in for another totally wicked 3-man tag-team torture session.

"Hi Unca Kevvy!" said the boys at the same time, all 3 taking turns
bending over and giving me kisses. Adam sat at his fave place
by my middle and started rubbing my tanned belly, just as I had
with him when he was little. "Time to laugh, Unc- heeheehee" he
giggled, looking in my eyes with his mischievous brown ones I knew
so well, "its been like 2 weeks since we tickle you!" Adam leaned
down for another kiss, and I was so grateful for the love my nephews
gave me I didn't care if they tickled me to death!

Adam always got extremely excited tickle torturing me same as
Justin and Mark, so I shut my eyes and enjoyed the "calm before the
storm" as he rubbed over my darkly tanned chest and ribs. Mark was
at his usual place above my head where he could get to my armpits
and nipples, which were his personal favorite spots on me to tickle
since he was little. He was so cute, and giggled while he stroked my
black hair and ears. "Heeheehee Unca Kevvy!" he drawled in his
special way, "I think you gonna laugh really hard this time-heeheehee!"

I could see above my outstretched arms Mark's excited face was full of
mischief like his brother's. Clearly he had some secret he was hiding.
I asked "Why is that, Mark? You guys always make me laugh myself silly!"

"You find out-heeheehee!" Mark giggled some more and said "Right, Jus?"
Justin had taken up his favorite position at my tied-up bare feet, which
were and are my most ticklish spot, and of course where my middle
nephew Jus', the worst tickling maniac, could elicit the most desperate
squeals of hysterical laughter from his helpless victim. "Hahaha-Yeah!"
he laughed evilly with a gleam of pure sadistic delight in his eyes. Out
of the 3, who I knew loved me dearly, Justin was the one I was scared of
when they had me tied up with no escape, simply because he got so
carried away he wouldn't stop...EVER, unless his brothers pulled him off.

"Adam?" I gulped, "What are your crazy brothers up to now?"
"Sorry Unc", said Adam, himself grinning from ear to ear.
"They made me promise not to tell, but I give ya a hint- Mark
found it in Mom's dresser drawer, and it looks really kool!"
Adam went from rubbing my belly to circling my navel with
his finger-one of his fave things to do. I sucked in my breath,
trying to pull my soft stomach from under his hands, but it
never worked. It was always his signal that their tickling would
soon begin in earnest. I pulled on the ropes and swallowed.

"OK, OK, guys- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" I laughed, knowing
I was in for an intense workout. My nephews could tickle me
worse than anyone else, simply because they had years of
practice! They knew exactly where and how long to tickle my
sensitive spots to get the maximum reaction, when to change
from feathers to brushes to fingers and all. They even knew
how to tickle me different according to what mood I was in. No
doubt at all- Adam, Jus and Mark were experts at tickle-torturing.

I could see Jus was anxious to start. Out of the 3 Justin
seemed to get the most "satisfaction" out of forcing me to
lose my mind with laughter. "OK, Unca- GET READY!" he
chirped, and I felt his usual slow rubbing of my soles, up
to the toes and down to the heels. "OK PLEEASE guys-
have mercy! I can't... YAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

All 3 started giggling and tickling at the same time, and it
Laughter poured out of me as Mark gently stroked my armpits,
Adam caressed across my belly and ribs and Justin pulled
my toes back and stroked my pink soles lightly, first one-
then the other. As always I was beside myself in seconds:

It would have done your heart good to see what a fine time
my nephews were having forcing me into wild fits of insanity;
their skillful young fingers prodding and stroking as if they
were playing an instrument that produced laughter instead
of music. But it was very fun for them because they did it out
of love, (even Jus, who was nuts over tickling), and because
they knew I'd never get upset at them for it.

I begged, but the boys just laughed while Mark chanted:
"GOOCHIE GOOCHIE, Unca! You gonna LAUGH a lot more!"
I could see Adam best because he was now straddling my
middle, tickling my short ribs while I bucked and thrashed.
I pleaded but my nephews never gave in so soon. Justin
giggled while stroking my silky arches: "OH hee hee hee- I
just love it when he begs us to stop and we won't, don't you guys?"

Mark and Adam giggled and said "OH YEAH!!! We gettin' him
BAD, alright, heeheehee, ain't we Unc?" By then I was losing
my breath because their tickling was at the point of turning
into sheer torture, but they had only started. "HAHAHAHAHA

In a fog of ticklish agony I heard Justin say "Oh you always say
that-you can breathe! KEEP TICKLING GUYS!! DON'T STOP!!!"
Adam and Mark almost always followed Justin's orders, as if they
were hypnotized and he was the leader. Their tickling went on another
15 or 20 minutes with me gasping for air as they forced out more
shrieking peals of laughter.

Then Mark decided it was time to bring out his latest "surprise".
Suddenly I heard a loud "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" and an amazing
feeling like electric current started under my arms, then went
to each nipple, over and over again. It tickled like the pure devil,
causing my back to arch, raising Adam up with my straining hips.
It was HORRIBLE! I cackled like a man possessed, screaming
with laughter in such ticklish agony I peed my shorts soaking wet.

All 3 boys giggled and yelled "ALL RIIIGHT UNCA KEVVY!!!heehee
hee!!" Mark kept on doing my armpits and nipples. The thing was
driving me over the edge, it tickled so damn BAD! Then Adam said
"HERE MARK-LET ME TRY!" so Adam used the buzzing tormentor
all over my ribs, belly and in my navel, making me squeal like a
5 year old. But with Adam on my hips I could hardly move.

Finally the worst arrived. I saw Adam pass the torture machine down
to Justin, who looked it over licking his lips. "NOOOO!!!PLEEEASE!!! JUS!!!
NOT ON MY FEEEET!!!" I screamed, but I might as well have screamed
at the wall. Justin laughed evilly, then applied the buzzing monster directly
I squealed as I clenched my brown toes with all the strength I had left.
For the first time since the boys started ganging up and tickling me years
before I was scared they might make me go into seizures. It was SO BAD!

The tickle fiends took turns using their torturing nightmare on my spots, and
with all the laughing, hollering, giggling and buzzing going on nobody paid
a bit of attention to Gail and the grandparents coming in the door! I thought
I heard an older man's voice say "What on Earth is going on in there, Gail?"
but I was tied down and laughing too hard to do or say anything.

I did hear Gail holler "BOYS!! WHAT THE HECK Y'ALL DOIN'?"
But my nephews were completely absorbed in their new method of
torturing me and the wild, fun reactions they were getting. I looked at the
Florida room doorway through my tears, and suddenly Mr. Reese walked
right in on us, followed by Mrs. Reese, and then Gail. I tried to holler at
the boys but they were making me laugh too hard. "G-GUYS!!HAHAHAHA
Gail finally walked over and swatted Mark, stopping the boys' tickling.

Gail grabbed her vibrator away from Mark and smacked him on the
back of the head again. "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOIN' WITH
All 3 of my nephews looked straight at their grandparents and Mark
tied down and sweaty, the most embarrassed I had been in YEARS!

But my embarrassment was about to get worse! Mr. and Mrs. Reese,
who hardly ever came down from Ohio, I had only met briefly once
before. I lay there soaked in pee with my eyes shut. Mrs. Reese spoke
first. "I can see that, boys! Looks like you were doin' a really good job,
too!" Then Mr. Reese, "Yeah I always wished Alan was like that, but
we could never get any laughs out of him no matter what we tried."

Then Mark, who was still at his post above my head, said to his
grandparents, very matter-of-factly: "Oh, then you gotta try Unca Kevin,
he's the most fun person to tickle we know!" I was beet red still panting
with Adam on top of me, but I croaked: "ITS OK, Mark- why don't you
guys let me up now and go visit with Gramma and Grampa?" I thought
Gail was going to save me when she walked over, but she said: "Mom
and Dad Reese, this is my baby brother- I think you met several years
ago briefly, and as you can see he REALLY IS my BABY BROTHER!"

With that Adam, Justin and Mark giggled "Oh yeah, he's like a little
kid when we tickle him!" "He certainly is!" said Mrs. Reese. Gail went
on. "Boys, who do you think tickled your Unca to death before you guys
came along? ME! As long as he's tied down, WATCH THIS!" I saw Gail
walk over to where Justin stood by my bare feet. Then she said "I did
this like every day when Kevin was younger." "NOOO!!!GAIL!!!PLEASE!!!"
I yelled as I realized what my sister was going to do, but it was no use.

Gail tickled the soles of my feet like she had throughout my young life,
knowing all my spots better even than the boys. When the boys saw
what their Mom was doing, they joined in tickling me, making me
squeal and thrash in agony. "HEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!OHHHAHAHA!!!"
Then Mark struck the final blow: "C'MON Gramma & Grampa- HELP!!!"

Through my tears I saw Mr. and Mrs. Reese walk over and stare at me.
"Here Gramma, tickle his pits, that really gets him! I'll do his *******!" said
Mark, having a blast. Mrs. Reese giggled, then began stroking my soft
underarms with her nails. "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
PLEEEASE!!!NOOOOO!!!" I begged pitifully, but everyone was having too
much fun. Finally Justin, (who was holding my toes back for his Mom),
said "Here Grampa, take a foot!" Mr. Reese laughed and said "WHY NOT?"
and I screamed as I felt strong, mature male fingers scratching my arch.

So one of my most embarrassing tickle encounters ended up with me
laughing so hysterically I wet myself again and finished with me losing
my breath and passing out. When I came to they had untied me. I was
in tears I was so ashamed, ran out, jumped in my car and rushed home.
When I got there I stayed in the shower forever, then got out and climbed
into bed naked. I started crying again when I thought about how stupid
and childish I must have looked to the grandparents. I knew I could never
show myself at Gail's again while they were visiting.

But then my phone rang. i saw it was Gail so I answered "H-Hello?"
"Kevvy its Gail, are you alright honey?" "N-No!" I whispered, and started
crying again. I heard Gail on the other end. "Kevvy somebody wants to
say something to you, OK?" "Um, OK" I mumbled, still tingling from the
torture. "Hi Kevin!" It was Mr. Reese. I gulped and waited, then "Hi".
Mr. Reese went on: "Kevin I want to tell you how much we enjoyed making
you laugh this evening- I hope it wasn't too hard on you!" "N-No, I guess
it was OK" I whispered, feeling a tiny bit better.

Then Mrs. Reese got on the line. "Kevin, thanks for being such a good
sport for all of us! You know Mr. Reese is very ticklish just like you are,
and I used to drive him nuts and make him pee too. But since his heart
operation he can't be tickled too much anymore, so you sure helped us
have a great time!" "I-I did?" I croaked. "You don't think I'm retarded?"
"NOOOO!" Mrs. Reese said. "We thought you were totally CUTE, really!"
"Can you come over and have supper with us, the boys miss you?"She
asked. "W-Well OK, I'll be over in a half hour then." "Good!" I heard Mrs.
Reese say, "See you in 30 minutes!"

It took a lot of hugs from my nephews to get me out of my embarrassment
that evening, and nobody mentioned a word about tickling. But a few days
later the boys asked if they could tickle me again, and I said I had to think
it over. I did agree to letting them get me before Mr. and Mrs. Reese went
home. They turned out to be fun people and seemed genuinely happy
when they found out I am Gay. So I'm OK and over it now, but at the time
it was about as embarrassed as I've ever been!

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omg i wish i could be tickled like that i make a great ticklee

Boy, me too!

Boy, I wish I had a tickletoy like you around!