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How Would You Tickle Torture Me

Hi. I absolutely love being tickled! I have been tied up and tickled only once and enjoyed it. I want to know how you would tickle me. I am most ticklish on my belly, inner thighs, and feet. So here is what I want you to answer:

What would I be wearing (least I will go is boxers)

would I be tied up (if yes how)

How would you tickle me

What would you use to tickle me

Please describe in detail a mini story
Thanks in advance for any responces
Meran16 Meran16 22-25, M 1 Response Sep 2, 2013

Your Response


- nothing on except a small towel around your waist
- yes, tied hands, feet, legs, stomach with strong rope. Your bare toes would be tied and spread for more experience!
- my hands and fingers, my tongue.

I was waiting for a movie to begin and arrived at the theatre early. I sat outside watching the kids play in the fountain. A young guy about 15 was watching his younger cousin play in the fountain. He had sandy-blonde straight hair and wearing a t-shirt, khaki shorts, calf length socks with tennis shoes. After a while, he shed his shoes and socks revealing his tan bare feet with pedicured bare toes. They glistened in the water.
His aunt had to go and change his cousin and asked me tow watch her nephew until she got back. She gave me a coupon for ice cream. He walked over barefoot, giving me the chance to see them up close. His bare soles looked great too. He let his bare feet dry in the sun as we talked.
My dream was to take him home, tie him up, ***** off his shoes, socks and clothes and tickle his near naked body with anything and everything.