Ouch! Still Waiting For Time to Heal My Broken Heart......

I have been married for 20 years and have 4 children. In 2005 I lost my wonderful father to a long nasty illness. Two months later, my husband was caught in my home with 3 strippers and some unknown man. I felt my whole world crashed. My sons knew what had happend with their father even though I tried to keep them from it. My future ex husband had confessed to them all the sick details just to ease his own mind. We are in the final stages of a long, nasty, painful divorce. He is the ultimate narssisist who thinks I am the one who is destroying our family by divorcing him, but still doesnt see his part in it. I cant belived I loved a man like that. Who the hell is he? What is he? It is almost 2 years since this all happened and I still feel such hurt. I am slowly getting better, but, WOW what a huge blow for me and my sons. They support me and understand why I had to divorce their dad. But what about the past 20 years? All the memories..all the experiences....was it even real?
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Life is truly unfair. I promise you'll be okay. This is just a teen talking, but memories are memories, its the past now, and perhaps something amazing is awaiting you. The bigger the blow, the more time is required to heal..

It has been several years now since you posted your story -- and I do hope your heart is much much stronger than it was when you wrote this. I imagine that the type of betrayal you experienced could hurt forever, but I do hope that it continues fading away and growing duller.<br />
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Even more - I hope that you've had some positive experiences to lift you up from the darkness that you faced.

Yes it was real - all those memories and experiences are just as true now as they were then. It's the betrayal of trust that hurts the most and that can never be repaired. But don't give up on your memories, especially where your children are concerned. Time may not fully heal your broken heart, but it will help the hurt go away.