I was dating who i thought was a really amazing guy. After dating him for two days hee told me he loved me. I knew that he couldnt really but it felt so real i said i loved him to. He told me that he really wanted to hang out with me so that we could make out. He asked me if i would give him a bj and i told him no. After i said that he never talked to me as much. Then he dumped me. I cant stop thinking about him...will time heal me?
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3 Responses Dec 16, 2012

sorry to hear that.. . forget about him, he is a loser! he don't deserved you.... you can find better that will be willing to wait,respect and love you truly :)

He just wasn't interested in you as someone he should of respected. To be honest i'm happy he's out your life because now someone worth it will be able to meet you

I am sorry. You did the right thing. It hurts to do the right thing and lose something important. When you find a man willing to accept your no, for now, answer, you will find a partner. It isn't worth much if he will abandon you for that. You seem to be secure enough to understand that if he doesn't love the inner you, a sexual act will just be cold and hollow. Nobody wants to feel like a prostitute.

Thank you i dont want to be a prostitute and want to save sex for when i am married