I Think We Need To Help Our Own Fellow Americans

First of all I want to say that I feel for anyone anywhere who is hungry and homeless and it's something nobody should have to go through.

So many people think that the United States should do so much more for Haiti and other poor countries but I disagree.

Do these same people realize how many Americans are homeless and going hungry..I think not!

Does the United States government give these same people millions of dollars to get off the streets..to get food in their stomachs or to help buy what they need to survive..I think not!

Many of these people are left on the streets with nothing for many years and many die on the streets.

No..they are not all alcoholics and addicts or lazy like so many people think.These people are human beings..fellow Americans!Some are veterans of war..some have learning problems..some have disabilities that they can't get help for..some lost their jobs..their homes so they and their families are living on the streets.There are many differents reasons why we have so many hungry and homeless today.It shouldn't matter why their there but what should matter is doing what can be done so their not there.

I help the homeless as much as I can as I know that others do as well.I see more and more everyday.I see them on most corners holding signs..I see them sitting or laying outside of the Salvation Army just waiting to get inside.In fact..I don't know how many are aware of this but to stay at the Salvation Army for an evening..it will cost a person $5.00.

How do I know this..My husband and I were out one very cold winter evening handing out blankets to many of the homeless.We stopped right outside the Salvation Army and actually saw a man turned away because he didn't have five dollars to stay the night.We tried to give him money so he could try again but it was too late..they had already locked the doors.These same people who stand on the corners and ask for donations to help the homeless and hungry.We ended up giving this man two blankets and some money to at least get something warm to eat and drink.

Many of the homeless can't get help..a job or medical because they have no permanent address.Our government don't go out and help them get any kind roof over their heads.In fact..they do nothing for our hungry and homeless.

These other countries need to learn to take care and do for themselves..not to be dependant on other countries to take care of them.They need to learn about birth control and to stop bringing more children into the world that they can't take care of and know from the beginning that they can't.

When I see no more homeless and hungry on my streets and know that they're being helped and cared for..then fine..I'll have no problem with helping others if need be.

I'm sure there are some who will mention that this was because of a natural disaster so this is different.No..it's no different!

I met many people..some I helped..who survived hurricane Katrina and I can say that our government didn't give them millions of dollars either.They lost most of their city and many died.There have been many natural disasters in this country and those who went through them never received that kind of money or help by their own government.

For those who say that we should help other countries because we're such a rich and powerful nation..take a look around and do your research.Better yet..go out into the streets and watch these fellow Americans dig in dumpsters and garbage cans for something to eat.Go out in the evening when it's freezing outside and see them trying to stay warm under a cardboard box.Then..and only then will you understand.When you do..maybe you can do something to help them.

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Good post and I also agree. I don't have much or ask for much but am greatful for what I do have even if its only a roof over my head that is not legally mine. I am upset with corrupt gov. They have all they could ever need and want but it is still not enough. I just read today of a website of a very famous government official...that asks for money for so-called needy causes but in actuality this person is actually taking large portions of the money for their own use. Guess they are the ones that are needy, hummm, imagine that :

Thanks for commenting carriewpd!<br />
I agree..it seems that our country is always there for others but never there for it's own people.<br />
I think the American people need to come first and that other countries need to learn to take care of themselves.If our own people are taken care of then ok..help others but that's now how it is.

It seems that we are always there for the other countries when they need help. But look how long it takes to help our own, and all the red tape and questions we have to go through, only to find out we don't qualify, or there will be a delay. We all should think about eachother too. If we don't take care of ourselves, who will take care of the other countries?

Some people seem to be confused about the fact that the United States Government is more generous with foreign aid and helping illegal immigrants than they are with their own people..the American people!

Your right..it is Horrible!<br />
Thanks for commenting!

Wow... I cant beleive I found a post like this one. I couldnt agree more. There are people dying in this country from starvation and homelessness. Soup kitchens and shelters are being shut down all across America, but yet we have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ +/- a $$$$$$$$...lol to send to other countries to feed and clothe them....Not that I'm against helping humanity, but I wouldnt lend my friend $500 if I new I wouldnt be able to pay my PSEG. I also dont understand how our "great" gov't can allow $1billion to spend on a space mission thats doomed to fail, when kids in our country cant even gets funds for after school programs or college students cant get the funds to fnish their degrees.......Horrible....Horrible....Horrible....Horrible....

Ladee..sorry to disappoint you and it would take me days to tell you why that's not true..maybe weeks!<br />
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Thanks and Yes..I do agree and I do understand where your coming from.So right you are on the fatcat politicians and the taxpayers money!<br />
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Lol..I will just say that I know the ending to that story!<br />
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Lots of luck to you also!<br />
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Again..thanks for your comments!

Squigglefish..in my opinion..anyway we look at it..too many American people are hungry and homeless.While our government is handing out millions of dollars to other countries or illegal immigrants coming into this country..we have way too many American people starving and sleeping in the streets.I think the money should be spent right here in the United States to help our own people.I also think that other countries should learn to take care of themselves and not rely on resources from other countries.When we raise our children..we teach them to be dependent on themselves and to be productive adults..after all..we as parents will not be around forever.They have to learn to rely on themselves.If our children can do that..so can the people in other countries.I can understand helping now and then but not while my fellow Americans are eating out of the garbage and dying in the streets because they are being completely ignored by their own government,As for having a heart and looking at the bigger picture..<br />
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Not long ago..my husband and I was on one of our handing out new blankets and food items to the homless drives.It was a cold winter evening..not quite dark yet.We decided to cut down one of the side streets and as we were driving slowly..we came across a man digging in a dumpster.As we began to pull up slowly to this dumpster..the man became startled.He had been digging for something to eat.I proceeded to tell him that we just wanted to give him a new warm blanket and some food.I'll never forget the look on his face as long as I live.He climbed out of the dumpster in shorts..a dirty t-shirt and barefoot.He came over to us and as I handed him the blanket and food..his eyes lit up and you would have thought that I'd given him a million bucks.He couldn't thank us enough and told us Bless You!It took everything that I had in me to not break down crying right then.We gave him a few dollars and when we drove away..I watched in the rearview mirror as he dug through his food like he hadn't eaten in days.I then broke down!This makes me so very sad but it also makes me very angry!<br />
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Theredlady..I do understand exactly where your coming from as I also know so many with not much to get by on.And many of our elderly here in the United States are going through the same thing and it's not right. at all!The sad part is..that we the people can only do so much but our government could take all those millions of dollars and make such a big difference in these people's lives.<br />
Thank you for your great comment!<br />
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Ladee..thank you for your great comment and for popping in.Hello right back to you!Know that I have nothing against you..your people or those who do need help in other countries..nobody should have to go hungry or live in the streets..but as you agree..each country should look after it's own first.As for drawing up a petition..I can tell you..it wouldn't make any difference at all because it would just be ignored like the problem.<br />
Thank you for your concern!

This is a great post. I must commend you for it. I myself am of the same belief. I am not out at night seeing the homeless, but I do see as I am very close to many people supposedly being "helped" not by our government, but by individual organizations. Although I commend them on their efforts, more times than not they are hampered by those that use and abuse their aid causing those who truly need it to be left with less than they could have.<br />
I have family, and friends in this town and in other places that struggle to live and can't get adequate help. A friend of mine , disabled, can't get disability simply because he previously made 80,000 a yr. He's not now... not for awhile, yet the government holds that over his head. It's shameful. The so-called Government Housing is grossly inadequate and riddled with corruption. It's over-whelming to think that we can spend trillions of dollars in other countries to help or make war, but there is none for our own needy people.

Thank all of you for your great comments!<br />
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Lilt..I do agree..we should be ashamed..very ashamed!<br />
<br />
Sqigglefish..I'm already angry about so many things going on in this country and know that there needs to be change and fast.<br />
<br />
Laurenrecall..thank you and I can only hope that people will start opening their eyes and really take a look around right here in America.To me..there's not much worse than seeing my own fellow Americans go hungry and homeless when so much of our money is being sent to other countries.<br />
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Frito..Yes..it is a disgrace!The American people should come first and what is so very sad is..they don't!

Haiti does need help....but so do many many Americans. It's disgraceful what is happening in our own country. No American should be hungry or homeless or lack decent medical care. But they are and the numbers are growing.

15 million children are living in poverty in the US. That means about 1 out of 4 kids, is going hungry.<br />
We should be horribly ashamed by this.