I Have So Much To Offer

I tried different fraying sites even married dating sites. I never have to search they come to me. I don't even post a pix. Had a stalker problem so they had to be pretty interested before I would send it to them privately. They would tell me I'm the one for them. We have so much in common. They can tell I'm sexy and pretty. They would get my pictures and simply say, "your not my type sorry" ok I admit I'm not beautiful. But I'm cute. But I'm sexy, intelligent, sassy, fun, adventurous, loving, high sex drive, cuddly, giving, talented........etc. I know who and what I am. I know what I'm not. So I'm not a trophy. Usually trophies don't cook and bake, have kids, some women ate so into their careers and insist on dressing a certain way. With the right tools I can dress anyway for anything, to go any where. I fit in anywhere. I can speak to anyone in any situation. What does beautiful faces have to do with all that.
Bambinodeladolce Bambinodeladolce
46-50, F
May 20, 2012