i had a dream about my grandmother who passed away when i was grandmother was full blood native like myself. i had a dream that she called me on the phone and she wanted to talk to me about something so she asked me if i wanted to join her for some ice cream i said sure! in one part of my dream i meet her at a park where theirs a sitting bench so we talk and i told her grandmother i remember we use to love coming hear to spend time together.. she nods her head saying yes. my grandmother looked the same as she did when i was littel. she had on all her native american jewels and her favorite dress it was all native colors and her pretty long silky hair hung to the ground. she tells me i brought you he to i can be set free she tells me that she was sorry for how she treated me as a child and to ask for my forgiveness so i can set her free i told my grandmother that i forgave her and that i will always love her. she said to me thank you so much now i can rest in peace and my spirit can rest.. she told me she was being tormented by something and she would not tell me and this is why i had for forgive her and after my heart forgave her what ever that was holding her was no longer there. and till this day i still remember this dream im really happy she came to me i was so happy to see her. and still till this day i feel at peace cuz i forgave her.. i will always love her she will always be my grandmother
kixx57 kixx57
31-35, F
May 6, 2012