Fragments of stars are we, sparkling grains adrift in a stygian sea. Smooth or jagged edged, hard and harsh or soft and glowing, pure white of all colors or dull red more felt than seen.
Sometimes, fragments find each other. Jagged broken edges find their twin. Pieces of the puzzle come together with a mathematical precision of a balancing equation. The glow of the fragments burn brighter. An almost dying spark can be re-ignited with new life. The fragments become one, joined by bonds of love and respect. Burning as a beacon of hope for all. Showing that the darkness is not an object of terror and loneliness. The black is merely the stage where the lights can dance and spin beautifully.
For when do we see the beauty of the stars? Under the burning sun of day? The cool clouds and life giving rains hide them.
The icy cold black heavens are where those soft and raging flames show in wondrous display.
ArnoldJRimmer ArnoldJRimmer
46-50, M
Jan 6, 2016