It Is A Must To Be Different

Am not like anybody else, may look like my dad or have some features from him but I am not him. I am not you and you are not me, thank heavens...

There is a saying that may sound sarcastic but it is true... "You are unique, just like everyone else."

We each have our own talents, perspectives, backgrounds and views. Why is that wrong?

To be able to bring something else to the table and have that different view or that different outlook. Giving someone a thought that they may have not thought of before, doesn't mean that it is wrong, doesn't mean that it is right. Just means that it is different.

People have to be different, how boring it would be and how stuck would everyone be if we all thought the same? All acted the same? Hell we wouldn't have the things we have today if it wasn't for someone thinking differently.

Put the ego on hold for just a minute and look at it.

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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Yes Faintshadow not everybody thinks about it, but then not everybody can..... Thanks....

Thanks sweet Pix....

Great post mt! :-)