Soul Growth

I guess I've always been a spiritually aware and awake person. Maybe that makes me a fortunate person, who arrived on this planet a little more in touch with the state of my soul than most. If I didn't believe I am here to learn, grow and elevate my soul, I am not sure I would have survived some of the lemons life threw at me. I was widowed at just 25 and 5 wks pregnant at the time....a few years later my dad took his own life...when I was confronted with those traumas, I was able, thank God (yes I believe strongly in him, although I am not at all religious) to stand back after a few months and say 'what do I want to do with this? Do I want to become a horrid, bitter person, or do I want to become stronger, wiser, more compassionate, more empathetic, as a result?'. I chose the latter and if you met me today, you would never guess I had walked through the fire of those experiences! I am so proud of that! I know I live out the courage of my convictions every day and I have enough humility (despite the fact that I've got the impressive t-shirts lol) to know there is much growing, and much refinement of my soul yet to complete. I aim for purity of my soul and really look forward to the time and place where I will be ready for 'the other side'. Here's to the inner beauty of us all, and a rich and rewarding growing experience during our time Earth School!
abby76 abby76
41-45, F
Nov 16, 2011