There's A Lot To Fight...

Everyone willing to get a real upliftment in life i.e. upliftment of the soul he has to work hard. But the problem is that one works hard to remove the dirts of sins on his souls by praying and saying sorry to the God and trying for upliftment no sooner gets out for some requirements of life has to tackle lots of things which invites him towards sin and washing out the hard work he has done to go ahead day after day uplifting his soul and having a stronger bond with God and hence gettting connected to the never ending source of energy i.e.God.

mustufamerchant mustufamerchant
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2 Responses Apr 29, 2010

But what do you exactly mean by this external god. But i believe humans could fly up in levels even than angels do, because angels don't have a dirty self to fight with.

I agree but leave an external god out of the picture.. We must reevaluate ourselves as humans.