Derrick Jensen.

One of my favourite authors is Derrick Jensen. He's an environmental activist and is one of the most brilliant and brave people I've ever met.

One of the most simple, and yet most overlooked facts about our culture is that any way of life solely basing itself on non renewable resources will never survive. Even "greener" sources like solar energy are not renewable.

I talk a lot about Al Gore Syndrome. The idea that doing a little will somehow do a lot (i.e. bringing a tote to the market, changing light bulbs, unplugging your cell phone charger when nothing's charging, etc.).

Sometimes I feel alienated by "environmentalists" and finally felt a sigh of relief when I first read Derrick Jensen's books. The later books are much more severe than the prior as he realizes more and more how really effed we are.

Anyway, I just thought I'd say hi as I just joined this group. And maybe explain a little of where I am with my ideas. Good luck...

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I don't consider myself a defeatist because I'm extremely active in my environment. I feel maybe you're misreading into what I said. I didn't say don't do those small things by any means. I do them. But, it shouldn't stop there. And when it does, it's extremely destructive on the progress to help anything or anyone. I think doing these small things is great, but there's so much more than JUST small things...<br />
Plus, those things aren't getting us uneffed, they're only delaying further effing.

Small things don't uneff us however they contribute to the solution... if everyone took such a defeatist attitude and did nothing then any possibility of getting uneffed is nil