NOAA Fisheries Service Thursday proposed listing oolichan, or Pacific smelt , as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

These little fish are a part of my childhood. A part of my culture. A part of the waters that calm me when I need calming. They also help feed other animal friends of mine. In turn, help my tree friends grow. In turn, help everything grow. 

I remember the elders telling me about the smelts running through the river. No one knew exactly when the run would start until the first fish appeared. Once it did, the waters flowed thick with them. Too many to even dream of now... 

Oolichan brought spring with them. 

They're also called candle fish. They're so oily that if you dry them and stand them up and light it, it will burn just like a candle! This oil was used for medicine, and for trade. They're important...

If the smelt want to go, I will say goodbye to them. If they don't, it's time I fight harder for them. For all they feed. For all they do.

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Great Blog ofthegallows.<br />
I know this fish that acts as a torch from a documentary.<br />
It is time to work harder for our friends