Embracing My Own Sovereignty

I have been a student of metaphysics for several years.  The most frightening and liberating experience I had over 10 years ago was listening to someone talk about personal sovereignty and the idea that we attract to ourselves what we think and believe.  It took me several years to embrace that idea, but as I have grown, I have experienced the "reality" of that in terms of "change your thinking, change your life."  It's been a spiritual evolution for me to move from letting life happen to me to a space where I am consciously co-creating my reality.  My outward circumstances haven't changed as much as my inner experiences.  I am joyful, happy, engaged with nature, aware, and awake.  Not all the time but more and more.  I was asleep most of my life but in this second half, I'm finally touching base with whom I really am.  And my inner reality is far more enriching than anything outside myself.   Understanding the Illusion.........

I hope someone can relate.



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As it manifests itself in my life, thoughts can help one center in on the present moment. The awareness of the moment opens the doors of posibility and choices are much more conscious. Prior to that the same choices were being made, yet I was unaware of the process, or the choice. I have always refused victimhood, never knew why.<br />
The choice I am currently struggling with has me blindfolded in a cave. I am looking for the doors to open. I tend to see the fear, and choose to acknowledge it. It wants to stay. Sometimes I entertain it others I let it move past me. I am relying on the process to cleanse myself of creating fear and anxiety within me. To what end is unknown, but welcome.<br />
Thank you for this reflection. It has power.

I can relate.. but I didn't come to this realization until a few years ago. Now I live my life, for the moment and find joy and peace in all things. I still have stressful encounters and I'm not always respected or appreciated by everyone one. But I guess I just don't let outside forces impact my state of being, or rob my joy. <br />
It's been so liberating. I'm trying to get to the place were I can create my reality by contoling my thoughts. <br />
Have you heard, "Thoughts become things"?

I still believe we create our own reality, but as someone commented, debilitating disease is something that may happen to us. It becomes our responsibility to research all of the alternatives for treatment. We may "attract" disease in terms of how we don't take care of ourselves. It is not about blame, but how we can recover from Dis-Ease. I have had malignant cancer, and have recovered. Did I "attract" cancer" I don't have the answer to that. But I can say that the choices I made about food, exercise, stress, etc. easily could have led to the cancer. I now research and study alternative health protocols and choose to believe they enhance my health. I choose to be proactive, rather than being a victim.

Have you read The Power of Now? That was my life-changing experience.

I believe we can create our own reality and as a nurse I see people causing bad health with poor diets, excessive drinking and smoking. <BR><BR>But I find it offensive when it is taken too far and people suggest that someone with an illness like multiple sclerosis have somehow attracted it to themselves. <BR><BR>I have thought about this a lot and listened to all the arguments and I just cannot accept this to be true.

Good for you!<br />
<br />
Me, too.

I can relate. Have also been a student for many years. Waking up is hard to do. I started out studying the Greeks, especially Socrates/Plato and Einstein and they certainly bring home to you that there is something more to life. What is more?..... is the real question.

I think you would enjoy reading 'Conversations with God' by Neal Donald Walsh if you havent already. It is a fascinating book (there are actually three in the original series). Good story!!!