Whats Wrong With The Two Party Political System In Today's Government?

First I would like to thank Windlion for leading me here! I think political discussion among peers is invaluable.

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss whats wrong with having a two party political system in a modern day society were in competition is what drives big business's to be better and to be more customer oriented. After all are we not all customers of our government. We pay taxes we get certain rights and protections but at any time we can leave and choose to settle else where. So what happens when the competition in government no longer improves the quality of life for citizens but is actual detrimental and counter productive to it.

Democrats and Republicans it makes no difference to me any more. The two argue among themselves like children then promise you things that they neither deliver nor had any intention of ever doing so. But the blame is on us for allowing that to become okay. By saying "oh that's just politics for you." People associate politicians with lies and white collared criminals and yet nothing has changed in the last 16 years!

I say we need to implement a third party into government and shake things up for the well established criminals who have relied on the old money and connections of their long dead relatives to receive power. Until their power is threatened why should they not continue to use their position as a way to line their pockets and the pockets of their friends and then live out their days in peace? Only once competition is instilled will any change occur. Only once a valid threat to their way of life appears will they do whatever they can to maintain it.
So i ask of the people of EP to do what they can and spread the news and in the next four years promote the newest political party and vote libertarian! Set a price cap on political campaigns and how much money they can receive, toss the lobbyists out of DC and send them back to Wall Street where they belong.
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Walk with me a little farther, then, Henryps. The dynamics of the system have swallowed up third parties time and again in American history; right now there are a half dozen minor parties claiming space on the voting ballots whose most realistic opportunity for making a difference is to influence one of the Big Two -- both of whom have changed in many ways since newspaper magnate Horace Greeley named the new party in 1854, but are arguably still driven by the same battle for voter share that drives both to the perceived political center. There are surely hundreds of under-represented interests for groups larger than average 640000 residents each member of the House should stand and vote for ... yet many of these groups are not geographically organized. Rural must compete with urban districts, often losing the chance of representation when a unified group of all farm owners, for example, would have a significant presence in Congress without the need for the shabby favor exchange games of professional lobbying. Isn't this why citizen participation in the electoral process is so low? I wrote about an experience I had in 2008 while standing in line to vote out a former Commander in Chief and his second, both of whom I still consider guilty of crimes against humanity; chatting politely with the person ahead of me and understanding that he had a different view, I filtered my views heavily -- and so did he -- but one comment he made struck me deeply, and remains one of very few regrets I have for that day. He didn't know why he bothered coming out to vote, he said, since -- being a northern Delaware resident -- it was almost certain to be overwhelmed by his neighbors.<br />
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Food for thought, I hope. Apologies for commenting in length, looking forward to reading your comments as well.

Thank you for sharing this story with me i'll make sure too read it.
I wrote this in hopes of inspiring others to recognize that there could be other choices, and that some day you could have three maybe even four options for president instead of two. But your right on many counts in your comment. It is nearly impossible for minority parties to do much more then influence. I admit i became very hopeful when i saw that the liberatarian movement had been gaining momentum these last few years. But great comment, i always enjoy the opportunity to learn from well educated people such as yourself!