Yeah Put Their Names On That Hot Sheet

yeah where is all those files on child molesting priests,,,and why has not one been in jail or have a file even,,,,why are we hereing about them on TV,,,but when I look at those files I see none of them there,,,their lives are not smeared anywhere but tv and people forget,,,and the pope forgives and just gives them a job somewhere else,,,,what a joke our stupid system is,,,I do not know anyone that has been a victumed,,,that has been served any kind of restoration,,,total BS,,,,but I got news for all you chid molesting frecks,,,God, Goddess has justus for you for sure,,,,Mary
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I was watching the Canadian government's apology/healing for what went on in the residential schools for the the natives. They went over the lists of students and found that more than 1000 students never returned from residential school. No one reported them to their families and families nevert asked. It is fairly certain that these native children died at residential school due to abuse.

and what do we need a stupid Rabbi jail for,,,they are just as bad if not worse than some of the ones in jail already,,,I say send them there with the rest of those sick people who don't have a care for things that were created,,,now think about what I am saying would you,,,,I just want whats real in my head to be reality,,,not what I hear on the news or whats in the paper,,or even some preacher trying to tell me not to be worldly,,,what the hell does that mean anyway ,,,they are no holyer than anyone else on this planet,,,people need to look in the mirror and see deep within what really is in there,,,,our judgements will be delievered but we might want to rethink our minds and make sure that we don't pass judgement on people who need some kind of healing,,, I mean your world teaches people that God Loves everyone,,,,but how can God love people who hurt children,,,I know God is no respector of persons,,,,but how do you love someone who hurts children,,,,I don't know but I am sure if God does it we all should forgive,,,but as far as I know only God forgives,,,cause people don't forget and they don't forgive very good either,,,,Mary

It won't ever be enough tell justus is served for real,,,Mary

Yes, I am totally speechless about it. So they didn't get their ***** chucked in jail after all? How can an apology be any where near enough??